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Putting my all into creative ventures for others and myself, while embracing the entrepreneurial spirit is why Creative Module exists. - Derek
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The biggest mistake you can make is not asking for help.

There are simply too many things to learn when it comes to entrepreneurship.  You will touch many fields, each with their knowledge depth that can span a career.  I make it my business to learn best practice through trial and error and learning from people smarter than me.  Sharing is caring; I share what I learn at

Managed Outsourcing

Focus on what you do best. Leave the rest for others.

By outsourcing you’re able to use utilize highly skilled professional talent in a time commitment that matches your business.  For example: you want professional designs, but you can’t afford a full-time designer, the only solution is outsourcing.  Outsource the work you’re not good at to free up time and focus on where you add value.  However, you can’t manage what you don’t know; as a project lead and very good generalist, I will build and monitor your outsourcing process.

App Prototyping

Test. Test. Test early and test quickly.
I embrace the philosophy of Minimum Viable Product, which is to firstly build what you can test and that has your app’s  core features as early as possible.  App development has no end, by focusing on a fixed, early goal, you’ll save yourself time and money by getting early feedback from prospects.  This lets you know if and where you should go.  It’s often the first reality check to an idea; the sooner the better.
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Gain Digital Advantage

Innovative strategies

The internets an ever moving landscape.  You’ve got to keep on top of the latest strategies.  For marketing especially, by the time a practice becomes ‘best practice’ it’s already saturated and very low ROI.  I always keep an eye for new tactics and I see, and by working with many small business I can cross polinate ideas I learn.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic insights

I focus on two areas, business growth and optimization, and software development.  I keep myself skilled in these two areas by hyper focusing on them.  If you need someone who understands each segment, and need a business that depends on the success of both parts, reach out and lets talk.

From Art to Science

Personalized tactics

Every business is different and needs specific strategies.  When hiring me, you’re not hiring time, you’re hiring action based on knowledgeable decisions.  If you’re simply looking for someone to do a list of your tasks I suggest looking elsewhere as that’s not my competitive advantage.

About Us

Who We Are

Living on the internet since its inception

The decisive factor behind your success

Know what to do, why to do it, and how much to do it.

These questions drive a perpetual quest on understanding people, business, software, and the way they scale because I find it infinitely fascinating understanding the web of interaction among them. Each of these topics represents a strong passion of mind, and I love projects which involve aspects of each simultaneously.



Past Prototypes

Parts Lookup and Note Taker Using Alexa Voice

Industrial parts picker / search engine, with note taking abilities.  Alexa user-linked interface to retrieve notes.

Mobile QR Reader & Printer

Credit transfer and claim through QR code app.  Mobile app to get QR code information from receipts & connected bluetooth thermal printer.

Mobile ordering app with geofence for pick-up ready on arrival feature, real-time display panels.

Mobile Coffee Shop Ordering App

Arduino based water pump with LED display, variable settings.

Arduino Based Timer Device

Service Dispatch Manager with Facebook Messenger

Manage task dispatch and completion through facebook messenger interface.

Elasticache Search through Alexa & Google Assist

Elasticache search for information lookup through Alexa and Google Assist.
Assemble YouTube and Twitch clips.

Video Clip Playlist Maker / Player

Twitter – Convert layout into grid (pinterest) format using DOM manipulation.

YouTube – Redesign comments interacting with native Polymer library.

Chrome Extension - Layout Modify

Reddit Layout

Three column design for desktop browser experience, interfaced with Reddit API.

Mobile Feedback

Use GPS to quickly create feedback to location owner, as well as receive notifications back from owner’s reply.